“I Can Rebuild America: The 21st Century Contract With America” addresses each of our nation’s biggest issues by providing common sense solutions for specific problems in our economy, our government, and our political system.

It’s the first how-to manual describing how to get our economy growing while reducing the size of our bloated government, simplifying our tax code, and providing for our long-term growth and stability as a nation.

It begins with The 21st Century Contract With America, a framework for where our great nation should be headed.  Then we tackle each issue separately, from our federal budget deficit to immigration and foreign policy, including controversial issues such as racial inequality and separation of church and state.  Here’s a preview of the Table of Contents:

Part One - The Framework
Chapter 1 – The 21st Century Contract With America
     Working together in unity
     A better form of government
     A greater model of society
     A population of better citizens
Part Two - Addressing the Issues
Chapter 2 – Federal Budget Deficit
     Consolidation from 21 to 3
     Consolidate not eliminate
     Farms, foreign policy and phone lines
     Department of Economic Development
     Department of Citizen Services
     Department of Law Enforcement
     Additional deficit reduction strategies
Chapter 3 – Tax Code Reform
     Flat tax for individuals and businesses
     Consumption tax, also known as GST
     Proposed tax rates and administration
     Other issues
Chapter 4 – Do Nothing Congress
     Term of office
     Election day and primaries
     Lawmaking process and procedures
     Perfection is unattainable
Chapter 5 – Wall Street and Financial Services Reform
     Too big to fail
     Simplify banking regulations
     Government should not compete with business
Chapter 6 – Education Reform
     Not in my state
     Common Core
     College affordability
     Advanced education performance ratings
Chapter 7 – Welfare Reform
     WTW Works program
     Time limits and accountability
     Online functionality
     Starting over from square one
Chapter 8 – Social Security Reform
     Equal taxation for all employees
     End double taxation for job creators
     Limiting payment to wealthy retirees
     The long-term view
Chapter 9 – Immigration Reform
     Classification and responsibilities
     Implementation and enforcement
     Do you have your papers?
Chapter 10 – National Defense
     Modern and cost effective
     Troop levels
     Defense spending and our economy
Chapter 11 – Monetary Policy
     “Audit the Fed”
     The gold standard
     Currency valuations
     Interest rates
Chapter 12 – Foreign Policy
     Fearless leader or school yard bully?
     Religion as a trigger for war
     The Cold War
     Nuclear proliferation
     We didn’t elect you as President
     Lead by example, not by intimidation
Chapter 13 – Poverty and Employment
     The War on Poverty
     A safety net, not a way of life
     Change begins with me and you
     Creating opportunities for individual change
     Why we have poverty and unemployment
     Lack of qualified applicants for available jobs
     Limited opportunities for individual socioeconomic change
     Limited infrastructure to support those attempting change
     How to create good paying jobs
Chapter 14 – Veterans Affairs Reform
     Allow choice in healthcare providers
     Implement online functionality
     Improve facility performance
Chapter 15 – Racial Inequality
     The concept of white privilege
     Criminal justice reform
     The Confederate battle flag
     40 acres and a mule
Chapter 16 – Campaign Finance Reform
     Myth busters
     Citizens United
     To whom much is given, much is expected
     “We are Jackson”
     Transparency and accountability
Chapter 17 – Energy Policy
     Peak oil
     Choice and sustainability
Chapter 18 – States Rights and Federal Law
     Everybody's doing it
     Employment and labor law
     Other issues
Chapter 19 – Agriculture and Our Food Supply
     Who is in charge here?
     Smaller, not bigger farms
     Seeds, patent law, and the future of food
     Food and the global economy
Chapter 20 – Water Supply and Management
     Agriculture and our food supply
     Public water systems
     Alternative sources
     Fracking and other clandestine activities
Chapter 21 – Digital Spectrum Allocation
     Fair allocation
     TV, movies, and music on the go
Chapter 22 – Privacy and Security
     Just between me and EULA
     Always connected
     Transaction security
     There is no free lunch
     Privacy and national security
Chapter 23 – Separation of Church and State
     Sexual orientation issues
     "Baby I was born this way"
     Gay marriage and civil rights
     Abortion and birth control
     Religious differences
     Christianity by osmosis
Chapter 24 – Fear and Insecurity
     How much is enough?
Part Three - Strategy and Implementation
Chapter 25 – This Is Where I Stand
     It begins and ends with Congress
     The mechanisms of change
     My first venture into politics
Chapter 26 – And Now I’m Asking You
     Courage to take a stand
     That's billion with a "B"
     Just do it
Appendix A - Donations
     Donate now to I Can Rebuild America Fund
     Donations to my political campaign
     For donors who want to see ideas become policy
Appendix B – God’s Plan of Salvation
     God's plan of salvation
     My testimony
Appendix C – Organizational Documents of I Can Rebuild America Fund
     By-laws, including Conflict of Interest Policy
     IRS 501(c)(3) Application, Part IV, Narrative Description
Appendix D – Merger Details by Department

Each chapter explains why the problems are occurring and offers common sense solutions based on sustainability and our long-term growth and stability as a nation.  “I Can Rebuild America” is the slogan for every citizen who wants to see positive change in our nation, in their state, or in their communities.