Federal Budget Deficit

I am suggesting a substantial change in our government's departmental structure to remove unnecessary layers of administration, eliminate overlap of services and expenses, and create a narrow organizational chart which is less expensive to operate.

Our business community will benefit from having fewer regulatory agencies requiring both reporting and compliance, a result of better sharing of common information among similar governmental functions.  This will reduce the cost of compliance and raise profitability for all businesses.

Individuals and families who participate in government programs will benefit from consolidation of multiple programs into one, making access easier and less time consuming.  We can think of the new structure in the most basic terms including economic development, citizen services, and law enforcement.

Grouping similar departments provides an immediate reduction in overhead costs by consolidating similar functions and eliminating redundancy in administration.  For example, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Labor, and the Small Business Administration all regulate the operation of businesses and their employees, so it makes more sense to have them working together and sharing information rather than having each one operate independently.

We should remove any and all duplicate layers of administration and additional unnecessary regulations which are creating higher costs for taxpayers with no additional benefit.

For full details about consolidation of our federal government, please read my book "I Can Rebuild America: The 21st Century Contract With America" which is available now at Amazon.